Steve from Winchester

Steve from Read Easy Winchester

Steve sent us this wonderful letter about his Read Easy experience:

Dear Read Easy,

Thank you very much Read Easy for helping me to read and write. This is the first letter I’ve ever written.

It has changed the way I do things, my life. It’s given me the courage to go out and do different things, not just reading and writing but going out on my own and mixing with the public.

Five or six months ago I would never have done the things I’ve done, like joining the library, reading newspapers, going on public transport and going to coffee shops and the supermarket. I stayed home before. I always wanted to read books like my mum. I thought it’d be nice to sit and relax and read books. I started reading but I didn’t understand. I’d get to the end of the page and didn’t understand so I put it down.

I used to stutter a bit but now I can pronounce long words much more clearer. I’ve slowed myself down, just like when I’m reading I’ve slowed myself down. I’m thinking about what I want to say. I used to speak quietly but no one has told me to speak louder for months now.

The other day I went shopping to Sports Direct and bought some t-shirts. I got home, tried them on and 2 didn’t fit. So I took them back. That’s the first time I’ve ever taken something back. I felt good doing it. I had enough courage to take them back instead of chucking them in the back of the wardrobe. Anything now I would take back if it didn’t fit.

I’ve learnt more in the past 6 months than I learnt at school. If school was like this, I’d be a brain surgeon by now. Learning to read has made me more happier, more calmer, chilled, and I’m smiling a lot. It has changed me. The reading is good and has got me to do the rest of it.



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