Helping adults learn to read isn’t just about enabling them to enjoy a good book. It is so much more.


By improving their literacy, Read Easy also helps our readers to improve their employment opportunities as well as their ability to support their families, allowing some to take their first steps out of poverty.


By enabling parents (and grandparents) to read to their children and support their education, it can often help break the inter-generational cycle of literacy difficulties.


Everyday tasks such as paying household bills, using a cash point machine, reading the instructions on a medicine bottle and doing the weekly shop are no longer overwhelmingly challenging.


Learning to read also hugely increases a person’s confidence and can enable them to take a much more active part in their communities and society as a whole.


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Of the readers who completed the Turning pages programme during the 2018-19 year:

  • 90% reported an improvement or significant improvement in their reading as the result of their support from Read Easy.
  • 83% reported an improvement or significant improvement in their confidence and self-esteem since learning to read with Read Easy.
  • 82% reported an improvement or significant improvement in their ability to cope with everyday life following support by Read Easy.
  • 72% of readers supported by Read Easy noted improvements or significant improvements when reading with friends and family.



“My life has improved so much. My coach is one in a million and I’m so happy that we are working together. It has been good and I am much more confident”.

Aaron – Reader, Read Easy Torbay