Volunteer Management Team Roles

Volunteering with Read Easy UK is fun and really rewarding. We are always looking for committed, enthusiastic volunteers to support adults who would like to learn to read by being part of a local Read Easy Management Team. If you’d like to find out more about volunteering in any of the roles below, then please do get in touch with your local group!

Secretary – If you’re a rigorous timekeeper and an organised individual, then your administration skills will be vital to support the smooth running of the local Management Team. By taking minutes, keeping records up to date and managing internal and external communications, a Read Easy Secretary ensures that the group functions at its best and works in the most efficient and effective way to help adults learn to read in the community.

Fundraiser  – If you’re motivated by sales or business development or live for the ‘thrill of the deal’, then becoming a local Read Easy Fundraiser will appeal to you. Local Read Easy Fundraisers can use their existing skills and develop new ones to raise funds to ensure the group’s running expenses are covered, so that more people can learn to read in the community! You must enjoy networking and be comfortable discussing finances to be suitable for this role, not to mention passionate, enthusiastic and committed to the cause.

Volunteer Recruiter – If you’re a ‘people person’ and love to meet a wide range of people, then volunteering as a Read Easy Volunteer Recruiter will give you a really interesting opportunity to help manage the recruitment and interviewing of volunteers for your local group. You’ll need to be enthusiastic, a good listener and be able to spot a strong volunteer when you see one. By recruiting the right sort of volunteers to join the group, you’ll play a vital role in ensuring the longevity of the group.

Treasurer – If you have a head for figures and stats, then volunteering as a local group Treasurer is the perfect opportunity for you to get involved with a really worthy cause. Our Treasurers must ensure the accurate management and recording of the group’s income and expenditure and work closely with the Management Team to explain what the group needs to raise to support its activities for the year.

Referrals Networker – This is a vital and interesting role within our Management Team to create and develop relationships with local agencies, such as Job Centres, social services and many others who may be able to refer potential readers to the group. This voluntary position will suit people who thrive on networking and making new connections. The longevity of our local groups is down to securing a steady stream of Reader referrals, so you will play an instrumental part in making sure your group thrives.

Safeguarding Champion  – The volunteer Safeguarding Champion must ensure that their group implements, understands and works within the Read Easy UK Safeguarding Policy, as well as organising DBS checks when necessary. While this role requires less time than some of our other Management Team positions it is no less valuable as the he or she is responsible for both the Reader’s and the Reading Coach’s safety.


Coordinator administration support – If you pride yourself on supporting others but perhaps don’t have the time to spare to take on one of the more time-consuming Management Team roles, then providing our Coordinators with administrative support could well be the perfect opportunity for you to volunteer with Read Easy. You will ensure that your local group’s Coordinator receives adequate support with printing and other tasks, as necessary, and therefore play a crucial role in helping the group stay on top of its game!

Publicity – Spreading the word is key to a local community understanding what a Read Easy group does and how people can get the reading support they need or volunteer to help. You will be creative, determined and passionate about communications, and bringing people together. You’ll be confident using local media, social media, and creating leaflets, posters and other resources provided by Read Easy UK to help get the message out there into your community about the life-changing journey of learning to read. Once the local community and media hear about the thousands of adults who can’t read in the area, it will be your responsibility to make sure that your local Read Easy group is able to capitalise on this attention!

Literacy Specialist – Our Literacy Specialists provide support with literacy issues to the Coordinator and Reading Coaches and assist in running the Reading Coach meetings. The person who takes on this role should have a background in teaching reading/literacy (preferably, but not necessarily, with adults). Our volunteer Literacy Specialists feel a real sense of pride in giving practical solutions to their Coordinators and Reading Coaches.  If you are interested, please contact [insert name here] to find out more about the position.

Data Protection Champion – If you believe the ‘devil is in the detail’ and enjoy working alongside a diverse range of people, then why not volunteer to be a Read Easy Data Protection Champion. You will liaise with members of the Team to make sure that all personal data is stored according to the Data Protection Policy and generally oversee that the group’s records are kept correctly and securely.

Venue Organiser This role presents a wonderful opportunity to get out and about in your community, liaising with local businesses and organisations to find and arrange suitable reading venues for your group. Generally, our preferred venues are libraries or similar settings, but they are always locations where at least one another person is in the building to ensure the safety and integrity of the reading sessions. Similarly, the venues must provide an element of confidentiality, so that Readers aren’t intimidated by having to return to classroom-like settings. You will be organised, proactive and enthusiastic and enjoy spreading the word about your local group to a wide range of people and organisations.

IT Support – We are increasingly finding that computer or technical issues are being fielded at Head Office, so we are now on the look-out for volunteers at in the area who can offer their IT skills to support others when necessary. It is amazing how much difference you could make to your local group by providing IT support. Even the smallest things like setting up email accounts and creating social media accounts can be a real challenge for our volunteers, so your expertise will make the world of difference to helping adults learn to read in your community.