Read Easy Axminster & Seaton

Sheila Abdy

Tel: 01297 552847


About our group:

In May 2014 we set up Read Easy in this area and we are pleased to be able to tell you that we are already meeting the needs of many adults who have asked for help with their reading. Their ages range from early 20’s to late 70’s (it’s never too late to learn!) – some are complete beginners and others want to improve their skills, but all have seen their confidence and self esteem grow in the few months that they have been working with their coaches.

We are so grateful to our volunteer coaches – they are really helping to change lives and we know find it very rewarding.

Group News:

July 2018

We are one of the three charities to be featured in the Tesco Bags of Help blue token scheme in SEATON and SIDMOUTH during JULY and AUGUST.

The more tokens we get, the larger the donation we receive! Please support us as much as you can. 




October 2016


On Tuesday 11th of October we celebrated the success of some of our readers.

Simon Hall, BBC SW crime reporter, novelist and our patron attended our AGM in Axminster. He gave a lively and interesting talk about his work and his lifelong love of words and the power they have to change peoples lives.

Since our read easy group began, 30 readers have enrolled and on Tuesday Simon presented 7 of them with certificates – 3 stage certificates, 3 final certificates and 1 moving ahead. Coaches also received certificates and with tea and cake to follow a happy evening was enjoyed by all. See our facebook  page for photos.

April 2015

We are delighted to be able to say that Simon Hall has agreed to be a patron of our group. Simon Hall is the BBC’s Crime Correspondent in the South West of England. He is also the author of the Dan Groves and Adam Breen detective novels, in which a TV reporter and a detective work together to solve crimes.

May 2015

We had an awareness afternoon at Waitorse in Sidmouth, where we handed out Read Easy bookmarks to the local community. In August we will be one of their nominated charities!

Oct 2015

We are at Seaton Tesco on Fri 23rd Oct. Come and see us to find out more about what we do in the area. You may want to get involved or know someone we could help.