Read Easy Milton Keynes South

Sue Warden

Tel: 07422 523858


About our group:

Read Easy Milton Keynes South (REMKS) aims to help readers from Bletchley and surrounding areas in south Milton Keynes. Our group began coaching readers in October 2016 and we have already had many success stories.

Graduates from the program have said that they feel more confident and read more books and newspapers for pleasure, among other positive feedback. We are very proud of the work we have done so far and look forward to continued success.

Our readers are age 18 and up have a wide variety of reading skills and experience. We have a team of seven committee members, one coordinator, and several coaches who are dedicated to passing along to others a passion for reading and communicating.

We are currently accepting readers.

Group News:

Here is some of what our readers and those nearest them have to say about the program:

“My coach is very caring and I have enjoyed our time reading together. I have noticed a difference in my reading – I am now reading more and understanding much better. I read more books than before. I am now reading a book about a dog called Miracle. Read Easy has changed my daily life by making me understand how reading can give me a different outlook on life.”

  “…we are all very proud of her. Linda has recently just read her very first book to the staff and residents (for the first time in 51 years) and it touched all of us.”

“It was brilliant and gave me a good feeling. I am 100% pleased and can now read the papers.”