Read Easy Northampton

To learn to read, please contact: Hilary Reeder (Coordinator)

Tel: 07512 045107


To volunteer, please contact: Hilary Cox (Volunteer Recruiter)


About our group:

Read Easy Northampton was established in 2019 and has a network of coaches trained to help readers throughout the town.   There is no charge for their services.

 Our coaches have been trained in the best methods of helping adults to overcome fears and difficulties in advancing their reading skills.  They use a set of books which are provided free to readers.

Coaches meet their readers on a one-to-one basis.  Although Covid has currently reduced opportunities to get together, in some cases this is still possible.

Some readers are able to use the Internet and make progress  with their coach on Zoom or FaceTime.


Team Leader: Lynne Parker.

Secretary: Cath Kendal

Treasurer: Susan James

Data Protection Champion: Sue Cole

Literacy Specialist: Jane Pickard

Publicity Organiser: Jean Rowton

Referrals Networker: TBC

Safeguarding Champion: Sue Cole

Venue Organiser: TBC


Group News:

Our team recently spent a morning at Weston Favell shopping centre, to publicise the work of the group.

We have a number of readers who are successfully progressing through the manuals, and who have been given certificates of achievement.


 Some coaches have been meeting their readers outside in the good weather and others have been meeting online, or at inside venues, but socially distanced.