Read Easy Manchester – Wythenshawe

To learn to read, contact Mary Burke

Tel: 07966 144 460


To learn to read, contact Debbie Penny

Tel: 07540 302 596


To volunteer, contact Ann Pickup

Tel: 07710 915 216


About our group:

Read Easy Wythenshawe was launched in July 2019, when it affiliated to Read Easy UK, and our first reading pairs started working shortly after that. We help readers in and around the Wythenshawe area of South Manchester.

Our work is organised by a volunteer management team who, between them, recruit readers and coaches, find venues, seek sponsorship, promote our work widely and ensure everything runs smoothly.

To volunteer as a coach or as a member of the management team, please see the Volunteering Opportunities section on the right of this page.

If you have any general enquiries about the work of Read Easy Wythenshawe, please contact Chris Howes, Team Leader, at or on 07751 077 050

Chris Howes our Team Leader


Group News:

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