Reader resources

This page provides links to various other websites so that new readers, with support from their coaches, can easily access useful online literacy resources.

Please note that some of the websites will be too complicated for readers who are working on Yes we can read, and should only be used, when appropriate, at the Moving Ahead stage.

Developed by The Shannon Trust, Turning Pages consists of five manuals which can be worked through at the pace of the learner in short bursts of 20 minutes at a time. Accompanying the Turning Pages manuals are 30 reading books, written to interest adult emergent readers.

The alphabet sheet, letter cards and sound charts are also useful downloadable resources.

This is a one to one reading tool for learners aged 8-80. It is a fun, phonics-based programme, proven to develop reading skills effectively and used by many Read Easy coaches.

A useful guide on how to produce clear written materials for a range of readers – click on the image below to download:

This resource is generally used with children but can be adapted for use with adult readers.

A resource often used with children but can be adapted for use with adult readers. The template allows you to make up your own picture and vocabulary flash cards.

This is a huge resource with lots of interactive activities for many different levels of ability.  Coaches and readers working on the Moving Ahead stage may find something useful there. Do explore it, but use it with discretion.

A large but useful website with several printable resources – use the literacy tab then navigate around the site using key words.

Another useful video explaining phonic sounds plus a further 16  two letter blends.

Designed to accompany the Yes We Can Read manual, this video sets the phonic sounds to music. Essentially for children, but fun for coaches and readers too.

This is a website with lots of useful information to consolidate the information provided at the initial Read Easy Coach Training course.

A useful website where you can see and hear someone speaking the phonic sounds of the alphabet and other letter blends.

This is a way to search word lists. Designed as a crossword puzzle solver, anagram lister, codeword decoder and a helper for other word games.

It is also great for generating word lists to reinforce Yes We Can Read /Turning Pages and useful for onset and rime. You can use it to find words (optionally of a specific length) that start with, end with, or contain certain letters.

Created by dyslexics for dyslexics, it provides information and approaches to try to improve reading, writing, spelling and grammar. Includes video on phonic alphabetic code chart.


The British Dyslexia Association has a range of technology support for people with dyslexia and offers lots of useful advice, such as which typefaces to use.

The Six Book Challenge run by the Reading Agency invites you to choose six reads, review them, and enter prize draws. It’s a great challenge for Read Easy readers to take up at some point and you can find out more about it from your local library and the website below:

Easy News uses simplified text and useful pictures to provide people with learning disabilities with easy to understand, politically neutral summaries of key news stories and events.

Quick Reads are short, easy to read books for adults, all written by well known authors, but only suitable for readers who have reached the Moving Ahead stage.  The website has an ‘About the Books’ section and a useful Resources page that provides activities to go with some of the books.

Eclipse Crossword is a completely free downloadable program that is fast and powerful but easy enough for students to use to create their own puzzles – whilst practising spelling and sentence writing (for the clues) at the same time! Please note that this programme does not work on an Apple Mac device.

A series of 48 books for adult learners presented in 4 steps which range in difficulty. Illustrated text and vocabulary have been carefully structured and each book has suggested activities and word lists.

Buster is Nigel’s cat (and Nigel is part of Read Easy Barnstaple). At Buster’s Patch you can read a whole range of amusing short stories about what Buster gets up to.