Aaron’s Story

‘My life has improved so much. My coach is one in a million and I’m so happy that we are working together. It has been good and I am much more confident’.

Aaron has moved to the South West and is studying with John, his Reading Coach, from Read Easy Torbay. With John’s help, Aaron has completed his second book of Turning Pages. He says: ‘Me and John are a team. It’s getting harder but I’m keeping going.’

John says: ‘Aaron works really hard. The sessions are becoming more challenging and I’m sure Aaron will continue to do well.’

Aaron talks about his motivation for learning to read and how his life has changed since making progress:

‘I started with Read Easy for two reasons. One for my children. I have started to look at books with my son. The other reason was to learn to drive. I grew up in London and went to two different schools. I learned to read a bit but didn’t progress very far. Since joining Read Easy I have started to read things on the TV, games and messages online.

My wife and mum have been very supportive. I have found it difficult not being able to read. I have never had paid employment but have worked as a volunteer at Hackney City Farm which I really enjoyed. I would like to become a volunteer when I can read better……. If anyone asked whether they should do this, I would say give it a go. I’m taking driving lessons next’.

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