Amina’s story

‘Lord Alan Soer’ Arbury Community Centre Manager presents Amina with her Certificate for the completion of Book 1 of Turning Pages. Amina was not allowed to attend school and with the help of her Reading Coach Anne, she can now recognise all kinds of signs everywhere she walks and cycles.

She can’t believe how much information has been around her which she had never been able to read before!

“I want something better.”

Amina could speak in three languages, but couldn’t read or write in any of them. Born in Morocco and living in the UK since she was very young, Amina comes from a traditional family, that never placed value on sending girls to school. She speaks English, French and Berber – but up until 6 months ago, had never written her name in any of them.

She is now learning to read and write with her Read Easy coach. Her life choices are changing for the better and she is delighted.

To hear more in her own words, go to the short video made by the team at Project Literacy below. For more information on their work, go to their website:

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