Debbie’s story

Debbie is a hairdresser in her mid-50s, who lives in the North Cotswolds. When she left school at 15, she couldn’t read or write properly. The school had failed to pick up that she was dyslexic and she says that they treated her as if she was stupid, which had a terrible effect on her confidence. Despite this, she says she has still managed to live a happy life:

“I’ve brought up three children, I drive and I really enjoy my work.  But not being able to read has often made me avoid doing lots of things that I’d otherwise have loved to do.

“Two of my children are teachers and they’ve always wanted me to do something about my reading. Eventually, when my marriage broke up, I decided that I really needed to be able to do things for myself, so when I heard about Read Easy, I decided to give it a go. Now my children are so proud of me and take a great interest in my progress. And I’m really looking forward to being able to read stories to my new grandchild, who is expected soon.”

Having recently completed the Yes We Can Read book, Debbie has now started the Moving Ahead stage and is learning about writing, including how to fill in forms and write letters. She is now also regularly reading books for her own pleasure every day. In 2016, she was brave enough to be interviewed on BBC Radio Oxford’s breakfast show, and was amazed to find that she was one of their lead stories all morning!

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