Kirsty’s story

Kirsty met Stevie, the Read Easy Cambridge Coordinator, and was keen to develop her reading skills and to improve her job prospects. She has four children and wanted to be able to read stories to them and to help them with their school work.

With able help from Sarah, her committed reading coach, her reading skills developed fast. Within a month, Kirsty had finished the first book in the Turning Pages series and is now progressing really well with book four.  It’s as if previous ‘barriers’ have been knocked down as she continues to make excellent progress in everything with Sarah her Coach, shown here in the glasses.

Sarah has also encouraged and helped Kirsty to write a short story for her son all about dinosaurs, illustrated with photos of him playing at home with his favourite ones, using words that Kirsty can now recognise. The book was carefully wrapped up and given to her son on his birthday. It makes a great bed-time story for her to read to him. He is over the moon!

Kirsty is now working on a second book with the help of her coach Sarah as a gift for her daughter. What a wonderful idea, these gifts will be kept as treasured keep-sakes for a long time to come.

We are delighted to report that Kirsty has now completed all of the 5 manuals of Turning Pages and is reading ‘real books’ with confidence.

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