Pauline’s Story

“My name is Pauline, this is my story – I went to Citizen’s Advise Bureau for help, there I was told to fill out a form. I said, ‘I could not read’. I had help with the form and was given information about Read Easy. I phoned the number that week and talked to Vee (the Coordinator) and she arranged for us to meet up.

My husband had helped me with some reading and he did all the paperwork; but he has been ill and now I needed to do it for myself. I can read more of the instructions when cooking.

Without Read Easy I couldn’t do what I’m doing now. I can read so much more and sound out the words, plus I have written little stories. I have celebrated with my family and they are supportive and proud of me receiving my certificates for finishing Turning Pages book 1. My sons have given me a reading book and a crossword book”.

Catriona Gorman met Pauline with her reading Coach recently. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Pauline today and hearing her story. She has done incredibly well in such a short space of time considering she began her sessions in July 2017. Her success has boosted her confidence and she should be proud of her persistence in attending her sessions regularly. The sessions are twice a week, culminating in outstanding results and changes to her life for the better. She has always had the support of her family and has never hidden the fact that she found reading difficult.

Helen, her reading coach, has played a big role in her success. Pauline was naturally very nervous when attending her first reading session, but has said that Helen made her feel very comfortable and at ease and there is never any pressure. Helen has been a voluntary reading coach since 2011 and seeing a reader succeed is very rewarding. Well done to Helen for her ongoing commendable efforts as a reading coach.

Pauline has done so well and I hope she keeps pushing herself. She has started Manual 2 of Turning Pages, which is excellent progress. She can write little stories now which must be an incredible feeling. The stories she writes are inspired by the Gatehouse books, which are written by other people who also struggle with reading.

(Catriona is also a reading Coach and sits on the Management Team with responsibility for Read Easy Bridport’s Facebook page.)

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