Phil and Rachel’s Story

Phil has been improving his reading skills with the help of Read Easy Poole and Rachel, his reading Coach. He says:“I am coming on leaps and bounds and I am really enjoying learning to read! In a year’s time I hope to go onto further education.”

Rachel too has really enjoyed her experience of being a reading Coach. She writes:

“When people find out that I’m a reading coach they tend to say what a good thing it is I do to help someone else, but in reality I probably derive as much benefit out of the experience as the Reader does. There’s nothing better than watching someone’s confidence and reading ability grow before your eyes and to think – I helped them to reach this point…

Every reader is different and so being a Coach has taught me to be adaptable and come up with ideas for tailoring the course to the individual in order to aid their learning and keep them engaged. The Readers I have worked with have brought with them various skills and aspirations and it is a real privilege to be able to support them on their journey to mastering a skill that most of us take for granted each day”.

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