Ramona’s story

Our Read Easy Wythenshawe group recently welcomed their first graduate Reader, Ramona, who has completed all five Turning Pages books.
Ramona completed the Turning Pages programme in November 2020, after working with her coach, Rose, since January 2020. The pair got on really well and continued to meet during the coronavirus pandemic, within the limits imposed by the restrictions. She made excellent progress, having started as someone who, whilst she had some reading ability, had no strategies for decoding words, relying instead on whole word recognition. She says that completing Turning Pages has made a huge difference to her life; she now has all the tools she needs for decoding unfamiliar words by breaking them down and using the new sounds she has learnt. She says it has also helped her with spelling and even with reading her home language of Somali. Ramona now loves reading and reads something every day. She has also developed a new interest in reading poetry.
“Read Easy has had a HUGE impact on my life in so many ways,” she says. She feels much more confident and now wants to develop her skills as a manager. She would like the opportunity of continuing to study English and now feels confident enough to attend an adult education class. She very much appreciates the work her coach Rose put in by providing interesting and relevant reading material alongside the programme, especially when they were not able to access the usual resources, due to the virus.
Rose says: “The Turning Pages books and layout are very clear and good for both the Coach and Reader. It was fantastic for both of us to go from Book 1 to Book 5 and feel that Ramona has advanced leaps and bounds in her confidence and ability to read and enjoy reading.
I have benefited, especially during lockdown, doing something worthwhile where I feel useful. I have learned to find articles to read together which interest Ramona – her interests being cookery and science. I have enjoyed the challenge of explaining the meaning of words, or looking them up in a dictionary, and discussing language and the stories we have read together. We started with face-to-face lessons, then meeting socially distanced in a park, and latterly have used WhatsApp and reading articles together on the internet.
The Read Easy process has been very successful and rewarding for both of us and it’s great for Readers who already have some reading skills, like Ramona, as well as those who are starting from scratch.”
Read Easy Wythenshawe would like to thank Rose and all the other volunteer coaches, without whom we couldn’t continue to help adults to read.

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