Reading Easy At 79!

Mo, who is a Reader with our Exeter group, has been reading with her Coach Pip for nine months and has already moved on to Manual Three. The team say: “She had only just received her certificate for Manual One from Exeter Team Leader Paul Fisher – we can’t keep up with her progress!”

Mo, who in her own words; “Used to run the catering department at the University”, disguised and covered her dyslexia and lack of reading skills for 50 years.

Her aims are to master her mobile phone, to be able to use Google and to read more of the stories of family life in World War Two, which she’s been finding out about at her local library.

Mo confessed to having a folio of stocks and shares in the past, which she managed on the phone and remembers once buying 1000 shares at 14.5p and selling them at 70p. Her profits paid for a cruise with her husband when she was 70.

All the things she has managed over the years are evidence of her intelligence and wit –  now she is matching that with reading skills and loving the challenge and the progress. Her courage and enthusiasm are astonishing!

Mo is proof that it is never too late to learn something new. If you know someone who would like to learn to read, please get in touch

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