Sarah’s story

“It just broke my heart when I couldn’t read to my twin daughters”.

Sarah was diagnosed with dyslexia, but found little support when she was growing up and going through school herself. She managed to slip through the cracks, finding various ways to cope with her dyslexia on her own.

Many years later, when her twin daughters began school, they wanted their mum to read them stories. Sarah was heartbroken that she couldn’t, but instead of giving in to despair, she took action. She approached Read Easy, who matched her with a wonderful reading coach and she is now able to read. Her daughters receive the help that they need after school with their reading homework and Sarah is delighted that she took the plunge and asked for help with her own reading.

To hear Sarah’s story in her own words, view the short video below made by the team at Project Literacy. For more information about their work, go to their website:

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