Sue’s Story

Sue came to Read Easy in January 2016 as a non reader more or less. She somehow never managed to learn to read at school and had never tried as an adult. She was struggling to find work and was referred to Read Easy via Pathfinders who try and help clients build skills to make them more employable. As Sue could not read very well, she could not access other courses to improve her CV.

Sue was paired with reading coach Kate, who was very good at introducing a variety of games, and exercises to vary the sessions while Sue was mastering the phonics and blending skills. In March 2017 Sue graduated from the Yes We Can Read programme and was very keen to continue into the Moving Ahead programme with Read Easy to develop her writing skills and continue improving her reading.

Sue had improved especially in her self-confidence and self esteem. She is now able to access a computer course at Pathfinders, so her chances of finding work have greatly improved. Sue said she felt she could read letters and magazines and that she has better life skills. She is also better off socially now that her reading is improved.

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