Read Easy Birmingham SE & Solihull

To learn to read, contact Deborah Chard

Tel: 07504 286290


To volunteer, contact Lynn Wilson


For Moving Ahead, contact Sally Thornborrow


About our group:

Our group has been established since Christmas 2016, offering support within SE Birmingham and Solihull. We are currently working with circa 30 Reader and Coach pairs.  However, we currently have a short waiting list for those seeking reading support.

We have always helped readers from a diverse range of backgrounds, ethnicities, disabilities, ages and gender which creates an enriched learning environment.  Readers are regularly referred by local charities and support services and we also now have a steady stream of readers self-referring or via friends, family and agencies.

Our team of Coaches are encouraging and supportive, tailoring the reading programme to meet the needs of individual Readers.  Coaches would normally meet with Readers, but we have 10 Coach/Reader pairs using remote learning.

Our lively and inclusive Management Team are looking to recruit additional members, to manage the increasing number of Reader/Coach pairs.  If you’d like to join us see Volunteering Opportunities.

We are all volunteers and have to raise funds to provide training and reading materials.  Thank you to our sponsors for helping our Readers gain confidence, independence and employment.

Our Team

Team Leader, Volunteer Recruiter: Lynn Wilson

Literacy Specialist MA: Vron Leslie

Literacy Specialist TP:
Heather Day

Secretary: Viv Taylor

Fundraiser, Data Protection, Safeguarding: Sue Berridge

Publicity, Literacy Specialist: Vron Leslie

Treasurer: Joyce Matthews

Venue Organiser: Digby Rose

Moving Ahead Coordinator: Sally Thornborrow


Group News:

World Book Day

Thursday 4 March

World Book Day aims to inspire children to read for pleasure and read together with their families.  Parents and Grandparents who cannot read miss out on the pleasure and bonding time of reading with their children and have had great difficulty with home schooling during lockdown.  If you know of anyone in our area who needs help, encourage them to contact us at Read Easy SE Birmingham & Solihull.


Moving Ahead

We are delighted that we now have 3 Coach and Learner pairs working together to achieve their individual goals.



 2021 Graduates

We have 2 Readers who have recently graduated from the TP programme, many congratulations to them and their Coaches.

Helen says ‘Working with my Reader to develop her reading skills has been a truly unique, enjoyable and most rewarding learning experience for both of us’.  Her learner N is one of our new MA learners.

Our other graduate K is also on the MA programme and we wish them both success in their goals.

On completion of the TP programme learners are offered a range of options to meet their next goals.


2020 Graduates

We had 6 Readers who graduated from the Turning Pages programme last year – many congratulations to all of them and to their Coaches.  One Reader and Coach share their experience:

Reader P: “When I first started Read Easy 2 years ago I had no confidence in reading.  Rosemary made reading more understandable and fun for me to learn.”

Coach Rosemary: What I remember the most was laughing while reading and her willingness to learn.”


Our other stories:

B: a young man who worked tirelessly through the program, managing to pass a number of quite tough work-related exams to secure a new job.

T: a young company owner, who was encouraged by his friend to overcome his difficulties with his reading.  T is now a competent and confident reader who enjoys reading bedtime stories to his young child.

P: a determined and energetic young woman who wants to achieve great things in life.  Having graduated she has now qualified for and enrolled on a college course.

D: a wonderful elderly man who had lost confidence in reading after a major illness.  He showed amazing determination and good humour as he rediscovered his confidence and joy of reading.

We wish them all a life full of enjoyable reading.