Why we need your support

Think about how many times you’ve read something today. An email, social media, food packaging, or a bedtime story to your child. Most of us take our ability to read for granted, but over 2.4 million adults in England alone struggle with this most basic requirement for everyday life.

For adults who cannot read, the Coronavirus pandemic has left them feeling more isolated, and in need of our service, than ever before. Home-schooling children for several months was a big enough challenge for many parents with good literacy skills, but for those who cannot read their 7-year-old child’s story book, or understand communications from teachers, it proved impossible. Trying to keep on top of the ever-changing Government health guidance has also been beyond the capabilities of many.

We need to open new local Read Easy groups across the country so we can provide more free, confidential one-to-one reading coaching for adults.

In some areas of the UK up to 10% of working age adults would not be able to:

  • Write a short note to their family
  • Fill in a form at the doctor’s surgery
  • Read a bedtime story to their children
  • Complete a job application form

The son of one of our readers ended up in hospital on several occasions after suffering allergic reactions to peanuts. Donna was a caring mum and knew about the allergy, yet was unable to read the ingredients labels of the food that she had bought, causing her son to become seriously ill.

Donna has now learned to read, and her self-confidence has improved tremendously.



The difference our Reading Coaches make

We receive no government funding, and we rely entirely on grants and donations to set up and support our local groups.