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Everybody has a story, and now it’s time for you to read yours.

2.4 million adults in England alone cannot read at all or struggle to read, but many people don’t tell anyone. There are many reasons why some people find it difficult to learn to read when they are children, but the good news is that it’s never too late to learn.

We know it can seem like a big challenge, but improving your reading skills can change your life. We have helped hundreds of adults to learn to read and are here to support you when you’re ready.

Learning to read with Read Easy

Who can learn?

Everyone. Read Easy will help any adult who either can’t read or who lacks confidence with reading. We are proud to be inclusive. For example, if you are dyslexic, the Turning Pages manuals we use work well for people with dyslexia. Our reading coaching is confidential, one-to-one and absolutely free!

Will I have to learn in a group?

No, Read Easy will provide you with a personal coach, so that you can learn quietly and comfortably at your own pace. Read Easy is also confidential, so that nobody needs to know you are having coaching, and it’s flexible, so you can arrange for your sessions to fit around your work or other responsibilities.

Where would we meet?

You and your coach will be given a list of places where you can meet, so that you can choose somewhere that will suit you both. These places will be quiet and discreet, so that you can work together without being overlooked, but where there will always be other people around on the premises.

What books would we use?

Read Easy uses the five Turning Pages manuals (published by Shannon Trust) as they have been designed specially to help adults with their reading. The manuals will take you back to the beginning to make sure that you have all the foundations you need for success, and will then help you work through all the difficult spelling patterns that you may have got stuck on before. The Turning Pages manuals also have reading books specially written for adults, so that you can start enjoying reading real stories soon too.

How long will it take?

Reading sessions are held twice a week, for just half an hour at a time. Learning little and often generally works best. As you will work at your own pace, coaching can carry on for as long as it takes you to work through the five manuals but, to give you an idea, some people may work through these in just a year, while others may take much longer.

How can I find out more?

If you would like to have a chat with your local Coordinator, just ring the phone number at the top of your local group on our website. You can also send them an email or ask someone to do this for you. They can answer your other questions and tell you how you can sign up.

How to refer a client or friend

  • To refer someone to an existing Read Easy group or find out more, please use the Postcode search below and contact the Volunteers at your local group.
  • If there is not a group near you, or your local group is unable to provide support, please contact us using this form.

Learn to read

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‘I really want to encourage other people who struggle with reading to take up this opportunity. The first step is scary – but the change is amazing. It’s really transformed my life.’

Vicky – Reader, Read Easy South Dorset