Read Easy Coordinator Story

Each local Read Easy group has a variety of volunteer roles which require all sorts of skills and experience, so there’s almost certainly a role for you!

Read about each role by expanding the titles below. To apply for a vacancy or to register your interest in becoming a volunteer, visit our find your nearest group page to see if we have a group in your area and to see open volunteer vacancies with the group.


Management Team Leader

Use your leadership skills to guide and support a team of volunteers, manage meetings, set the agendas, take responsibility for the project, network within your local community, and be a spokesperson for your local group.


The Coordinator is central to the running of each Read Easy group as the first point of contact for adults wanting to learn to read. You will be responsible for matching the reader with a suitable volunteer Reading Coach and then providing each reading pair with ongoing support.

Volunteer Recruiter

A really interesting opportunity to help manage the recruitment and interviewing of volunteers for your group.

Literacy Specialist

A stimulating opportunity to provide support with literacy issues to the Coordinator and Reading Coaches and assist in the running of Reading Coach meetings. The person who takes on this role should have experience of teaching literacy (preferably, but not necessarily with adults).

Referrals Networker

A vital and interesting role to create and develop relationships with local agencies who may be able to refer potential readers.

Venue Organiser

A great opportunity to get out and about in your community, liaising with local businesses and organisations to find and arrange suitable reading venues for your group.

IT Supporter

If you are good with IT, you could provide invaluable support to local volunteers when they hit problems.


A great role for those with the tenacity and creativity to raise funds to ensure the group’s running expenses are covered, so that more people can learn to read.

Publicity Organiser

A key role in helping the local community understand what your group does and how people can get the reading support they need, and in encouraging new volunteers to get involved. You need to be able to spread the word using social media, local media, leaflets and posters and other resources provided by Read Easy UK.

Data Protection Champion

In this essential role you would liaise with and support other members of the group to ensure that all personal data is stored according to the Data Protection Policy.


This is not usually an onerous role, but is still vital for ensuring the accurate management and recording of the group’s income and expenses.


Your administration skills can help support the Team Leader with meetings and communications and with the smooth running of the group overall.

Reading Coaches

Once trained, you will be linked with an adult who wants to improve their reading, and will then help them work through the Turning Pages phonics-based reading programme.

If you don’t have the time to volunteer for Read Easy, you can still support our life-changing work by making a donation.


I have so loved witnessing the incredible benefit to someone’s life when their literacy improves and confidence is boosted. I have seen readers able to apply for jobs, read books and hobby magazines, negotiate with service providers, and read letters and emails that previously they would have avoided at all costs. It doesn’t get better than that!

Rachel – volunteer Coordinator for Read Easy Taunton & Wellington

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