To contact a Read Easy group about learning to read or volunteering, please find their details on our find your nearest group page.

For all other enquiries, please contact either your local Regional Adviser or the Read Easy UK Head Office on 01388 435 021. All the members of our Head Office team currently work part-time.

Our Head Office team


Carla Priddon

Chief Executive

Deb Piper

Head of Regional Operations

Faye Padfield

Head of Administration
& Finance

Laura Elsey

Head of Development & Communications

Kirstie Ebbs

Communications Liaison
Officer (temporary)

Louise Brown-Knott

Volunteer Supporter
& Administrator

Our Regional Advisers

Our Regional Advisers work mainly two days a week offering support and guidance to local groups and Pioneers in the regions listed.

We will continue to work hard to build our capacity, so that we can open new groups in North East England, and the other UK nations, as soon as we can.


Kris Ventris-Field

Regional Adviser for the Central West region

Verity Cross

Regional Adviser for the Central East region

Helen Beesley

Regional Adviser for the South West region

Michelle Baker

Regional Adviser for the Southern region

Karen Wood

Regional Adviser for the North West region

Gail Dawson

Regional Adviser for London South & South East

Susan Hollins

Regional Adviser for London North & Area

Our freelance Regional Trainers

Our experienced and knowledgeable Regional Trainers are responsible for running training days for new volunteer Reading Coaches.


Kris Ventris-Field

Nicky Connell

Lynne Gee

Laura Burt

Florent Zwiers

Julia Hanson-Abbott

“I find Volunteering to be a great way of being involved in something I believe benefits others.  Giving some of my time and using some of my skills is really satisfying and a very tangible way of supporting an essential charity.  I find I also learn new skills, meet new people and enjoy the commitment and satisfaction that comes with being part of a scheme and group that clearly makes a difference.”

Finn –  Venue Organiser for Read Easy Shropshire Hills