Read Easy Bridport

Vee Driscoll

Tel: 0844 472 2980


About the group:

Bridport Read Easy group started up in 2011, when Vee Driscoll, who had trained as a Coach with the Dorchester and Weymouth group, offered to be a Pioneer and then Coordinator for a new group in Bridport. We have offered help with reading and writing to over 50 adults, working alongside them to encourage and support them on their learning journey. At least half of our readers have completed the course and moved on with their lives, but there is no time limit on learning to read; our volunteers continue to provide support until readers feel they have the confidence to take responsibility for their own learning and can become increasingly independent.

We cover Bridport, Lyme Regis and Beaminster areas. Originally we also had readers in Axminster and Honiton, but these are now Read Easy groups in their own right.

Group News:

Read Easy Bridport seeks a Coordinator for this successful local charity,
established six years ago to help adults improve their reading. The work
includes enrolling new readers, interviewing coaches, matching coaches to
readers and giving ongoing support.

This rewarding voluntary post requires an energetic and capable person,
preferably with a background in Adult Literacy who enjoys working with
people, is a competent organiser and is computer literate. The successful
candidate will work alongside and be trained by the current Coordinator.

The Coordinator reports to and is supported by the Management Committee.
Hours are flexible but equivalent to at least two days a week.

Please apply to Christian Tyler, Chair of Read Easy Bridport, at or 01308 867876.
More information at