Read Easy Bristol

To learn to read in Bristol North & West, contact Gill Clayton

Tel: 07941 078332


To learn to read in Bristol North & Central, contact Lynda Mansell

Tel: 07999 432 437


To learn to read in Bristol South, contact Berni Carroll

Tel: 07730 561014


To learn to read in Bristol East, contact Grace Morgan-Tait

Tel: 07907 491414


About our group:

Read Easy Bristol is a Charity (Charity No 1186513) that recruits, trains, resources and supports volunteers to work one-to-one with adults who struggle to read.

While we are all volunteers, we keep up a very ‘professional’ attitude towards what we do because of its enormous potential importance to the lives of our readers.

Each new reader is paired with a reading coach. We call them coaches because most of them are neither trained nor experienced in formal adult learning. Experience has taught us, though, that empathy, encouragement and ‘getting on’ is the most effective lever into improving a reader’s confidence to learn.

We are affiliated with Read Easy UK (Charity No 1151288) and from them we receive all of our underpinning support: policies, procedures, resources, etc., which make us so practical and effective an organisation.

Reading coaches receive a 1-day initial training before beginning with a reader, and they are at all times supported by a Read Easy Bristol ‘Coordinator’, whose role is to cover a specific area of Bristol. Our Coordinators are very active in ensuring that coaches are never unsupported. Coordinators are in turn supported by a Management Team, run upon formal Constitutional lines. Each member of the Team has a specific role to play in combining to ensure the best possible learning experience for our readers.

Being able to read means being empowered in your life. There is no effort more important than helping someone to learn in adulthood what many of us were fortunate to learn at an earlier age.

At Read Easy Bristol we are always interested in hearing from people who want to join in with such important work. And we regularly recruit for all positions, as reading coaches, Coordinators, and members of our Management Team.

But do remember if you feel you want to join us, it is a genuine commitment on your part. It would not be  fair to begin working with a reader without understanding that you would be committing to meeting them twice each week for 30 minutes each time, and, holidays etc.,m accepted, for at least a year. Similarly, a Coordinator commits approximately one hour each week for each reader/coach pair they look after. So, ten pairs would mean ten hours each week. Quite an ask.

If you feel you’re made of the right stuff and want to get involved, please do email us at and we will be very happy to take it from there; often a brief no-commitment chat over a cup of coffee is the best way to start!

Graham Bottrill   Chair / Management Team Leader

Tim Wood    Secretary and Data Protection Champion

Jill Johnston     Treasurer

Mally Henry     Safeguarding Champion  and Co-Ordinator Support

Gill Clayton      North & West Coordinator

Lynda Mansell    North & Central Coordinator

Berni Carroll   South Coordinator

Andrew Barnes      Referrals Networker and Venue Organiser

Rica Newbery          Fundraiser

Phoebe Emond  and   Jan Armstrong       Our Literacy Specialists

Vacancy   Publicity

Tanya Tribbell      IT Support


Coach & Reader

We recently received an email from one of our coaches, Helen, who had been working with L for only a couple of months. She reported to me that at the end of the session, L turned to her and with a look of joy said “I am not just sounding this out, I’m reading it aren’t I ?”

And that is what it is all about for all of us.