Read Easy Bristol

Gill Clayton - Bristol (North & West)

Tel: 07941 078332


Alison Watt - Bristol (South)


Shirley Andrews - Bristol (South)

Tel: 07989 661 824


Caroline Stevenson - Bristol (East)

Tel: 07907 491414


About the group:

Tim Wood    Secretary and Data Protection Champion

Graham Bottrill   Chair / Management Team Leader

Jill Johnston     Treasurer

Mally Henry     Safeguarding Champion  and Co-Ordinator Support

Alison Watt       South Coordinator

Gil Clayton      North & West Coordinator

Lynda Mansell    Central Coordinator

Shirley Andrews  South – Filton   Coordinator

Andrew Barnes      Referrals Networker and Venue Organiser

Rica Newbery          Fundraiser

Phoebe Emond  and   Jan Armstrong       Our Literacy Specialists

Vacancy   Publicity

Tanya Tribbell      IT Support


Coach & Reader

We recently received an email from one of our coaches, Helen, who had been working with L for only a couple of months. She reported to me that at the end of the session, L turned to her and with a look of joy said “I am not just sounding this out, I’m reading it aren’t I ?”

And that is what it is all about for all of us.