Read Easy Bristol

Gill Clayton - Bristol (North & West)

Tel: 07941 078332


Lynda Mansell - Bristol (Central)

Tel: 07999 432437


Alison Watt - Bristol (South)

Tel: 07922 654688


Shirley Andrews - Bristol (South)


June Barclay - Bristol (East)


About the group:

Paul : Chair & Treasurer

We could not quite reach the recommended Committee member level so roles divvied up and I became Chair and Treasurer. Neither is proving too taxing and we recognise that we need more Committee members as spreading the roles will make us more resilient as a group.

Being the Chair is interesting and, apart from the direct responsibilities attaching to the ‘job description’ (available upon request!), it is a useful title when promoting the work of RE through networking e.g. City Council, Library Service, voluntary groups and others.

Treasurer is straightforward. Important though that other Committee members can access the Bank account to provide oversight.

I am also a Coach and enjoying every minute of it.

Janet: Secretary

As Secretary I have the role of reminding Committee members of dates for forthcoming meetings and then making a record of what was discussed and agreed at each meeting.  It has been interesting watching the development over this past year to now having 12 coaches and readers.

There is a discipline for me to remain focussed during meetings in order to ensure that the Minutes reflect clearly what each committee member needs to do following a meeting.

I feel we have worked well as a team in keeping each other going.

Mally: Safeguarding & Volunteer Interviewing.

Nicky and I spent much of last summer looking for suitable venues in our area.

It seemed daunting at first, asking for space for free from hard-pressed local organisations, but everyone we met was really positive and helpful. We now have a wide range of sites including community, health and education centres, church halls and libraries covering all the time slots we need, so thank you South Bristol!

We had an excellent response to our advert for volunteers and Alison and I interviewed a number of them over the summer. It was good to meet so many interesting people and we were always impressed by their enthusiasm and commitment. We now have 12 trained coaches from a range of backgrounds and ages, many of whom are already paired up with readers.

Alison: Co-Ordinator

I took on the job of coordinator with some trepidation at first, but I have found all the committee members wholly supportive and helpful. The volunteers have been patient, reliable and kind.

The whole experience has been a huge learning curve for me personally. I have found it challenging, interesting and rewarding.

Rica : Fundraising & Publicity

We have been very fortunate in receiving 4 useful grants, following applications supported by the excellent statistical information available through RE. They include The John James Foundation, Bristol City Council (thro’ The Quartet) and two local Neighbourhood Partnerships.

Nicky : Literacy specialist

Nicky ‘does what is says on the tin’ lending support to coaches. Nicky is also producing very useful hints and tips for our coaches along with the development of resource box (s) that we are planning to leave with libraries for the coaches to dip into as and when required.

Claire : IT adviser

Alongside side her coach role Claire actively supports the Committee by organising our Facebook page.

Anna: Referrals & Venues

 Currently on maternity leave.

Coach & Reader

I (Alison) recently received an email from one of our coaches, Helen, who had been working with L for only a couple of months. She reported to me that at the end of the session, L turned to her and with a look of joy said “I am not just sounding this out, I’m reading it aren’t I ?”

And that is what it is all about for all of us.