Read Easy Exeter

Alexa Lachlan (Coordinator)


Jolene Warren (Coordinator)

Tel: 07486 858 012


About the group:

Read Easy Exeter was set up in February 2018 and we are already beginning to meet the needs of a number of adults who have asked for help with their reading. The range of needs is broad – some are complete beginners and others want to improve their reading skills. However all, in the few months that they have been working with their Reading Coaches, are making great progress. The aim for each Reader is to meet twice a week for 30 minutes on each occasion. Our volunteer Reading Coaches find the challenge very rewarding and are really helping to change lives.

In addition to Reading Coaches, we welcome team members who can help make contacts with local communities in Exeter – people who are happy to network and to pass on what we do. Schools, Children’s groups, other charities and community groups are those most likely to come across adults who want help with their reading. Referrals most often come from people close to the Reader, those who have discovered what Read Easy has to offer and the opportunity it represents. Spreading the word is really important, so do get in touch if you want to help with this.



Group News:

Since the Summer

Our first and very successful Celebration BBQ in July has been followed by an intense period of activity and expansion. Our two new Co-ordinators, Alexa and Jolene, have received a significantly increased number of referrals from across the city over August and September. In these last three months we have dealt with over ten approaches from agencies and individuals, most notably, Refugee Support Devon, rendering our most recent coach training very timely indeed. We expect to be deploying most, if not all, of these newly trained coaches before Christmas, four probably with RSD, which will bring us very close to our target of 20 for the end of the year.

The Management Team of six enjoyed a further extremely positive training session with our regional advisor in September, and were joined by our most recent recruit over the summer, Andrea Wilson, a business communications specialist who has been sharing her considerable expertise to considerable effect. There are two further slots on the team where we are looking for help: in the first place with Fundraising/ Finances and secondly with Publicity/Social Networking. In neither case is the role prescribed or limited and we are interested in what anyone has to offer. Do get in touch.



14 prospective coaches for Read Easy, 9 of them from Exeter, attended Initial Training given by Nicky Connell, our South West regional trainer, in the Community Centre in Wonford on Oct 3rd. All of them are looking forward to being paired with a reader in the near future.