Read Easy Exeter

Paul Fisher (Team Leader)

Tel: 01392 664589 / 07738 860556


About the group:

Read Easy Exeter was set up in February 2018 and we are already beginning to meet the needs of a number of adults who have asked for help with their reading. The range of needs is broad – some are complete beginners and others want to improve their reading skills. However all, in the few months that they have been working with their Reading Coaches, are making great progress. The aim for each Reader is to meet twice a week for 30 minutes on each occasion. Our volunteer Reading Coaches find the challenge very rewarding and are really helping to change lives.

In addition to Reading Coaches, we welcome team members who can help make contacts with local communities in Exeter – people who are happy to network and to pass on what we do. Schools, Children’s groups, other charities and community groups are those most likely to come across adults who want help with their reading. Referrals most often come from people close to the Reader, those who have discovered what Read Easy has to offer and the opportunity it represents. Spreading the word is really important, so do get in touch if you want to help with this.



Group News:

December 2018
Read Easy Exeter is looking for a new Coordinator. If you are interested or would like to find out more, please contact Paul Fisher, who is the Team Leader for this group. He can explain what is involved.

July 2018

Read Easy Exeter were very pleased to play a part in the Wonford Open Morning underlining the close links we have to the Community Centre, the Children’s groups and the local schools. It was a chance to strengthen our networking and increase awareness.

May 2018 – Exeter Chiefs support Read Easy Exeter

The Exeter Chiefs opened their doors to support Read Easy and allowed us to talk to and to photograph players in support of our reading campaign. Three players gave us an insight into their reading choices: Alec Hepburn, Toby Salmon and Sam Skinner.

Alec Hepburn doesn’t just enjoy Milton Friedman, the famous economist, but he also reads Stephen Crowder, Jordan Peterson and Jim Rickards online. He prefers non-fiction and his transatlantic focus is confirmed by his favourite author being another American, Stanford economist, Thomas Sowell.

Toby Salmon is enjoying reading Jonathan Eig’s book on Muhammad Ali and is beginning to appreciate the pleasure of reading biographies. He recalls starting with Harry Potter and Animal Farm and particularly likes The Last Kingdom, the Viking series by Bernard Cornwell.

Sam Skinner enjoys reading a wide range of books from thrillers like the Jack Reacher series to periodicals like The Economist and The Week. He studied English Literature at school and remembers getting started with Lemony Snicker and Harry Potter.

Feb 2018 – Our Launch

We launched at the Wonford Community Centre at a gathering which included the Lord Mayor, Councillor Lesley Robson, and Wonford and St Loyes County Councillor, Marina Asvachin. Natashia, a succeesful Reader with Read Easy from Axminster, described how learning to read has changed her life, enabled her to read to her children to to take up an English GCSE course at Exeter College.(shown here on the right below)

Lesley Robson spoke inspiringly from her personal experience of dyslexia (shown below on the left of the photo on the left below). Councillor Marina Asvachin (shown on the right of the photo on the left, below) said that she was very pleased to support the new charity and was delighted that Wonford was at the centre of the launch. Also present were representatives from Learn Devon, Citizens Advice and Exeter College, with support also from Exeter Job Centre and Colab.

Paul Fisher from Read Easy Exeter explained that the aim is to make learning to read as simple and easy as possible. Readers and trained volunteer Reading Coaches aim to meet one-to-one, twice a week, for 30 minutes each time, in local community venues. Paul expressed his thanks to all those who had given their support and looked forward to Readers and their Reading Coaches starting before Easter.