Read Easy Poole & Bournemouth

To learn to read in Poole, please contact Susan Ridd

Tel: 07938 041374


To learn to read in Bournemouth, please contact Louise Bell

Tel: 07743 732 933


About our group:

Team Leader –  Carole Richmond

Read Easy Poole was established in June 2015.   We recruit, train and support volunteers to give one-to-one tuition to adults who struggle with reading and writing.  We are delighted to announce that we are now working with readers in Bournemouth too!

We have already helped more than forty adults in our area.   Learning to read is life changing.   We ask that readers and their coaches commit to two half hour sessions each week for a minimum of six months.

Please contact Susan (our Coordinator for Poole) or Louise (our Coordinator for Bournemouth) if you are interested in volunteering as a reading coach or if you would like help with your literacy.  Maybe you would like to refer a family member, friend or work colleague?

Due to the current pandemic we are not able to offer face- to- face meetings.  Coaches and readers can “meet” via their tablets or computers using Zoom.  Other coaches are using their phones for WhatsApp video calls to their readers. Both reader and coach have their own phonics based Turning Pages teaching manual and other resources that they work through together.

Group News:

Here are some words and stories from some of our readers and coaches.

 Lyn’s Story

Lyn was unaware as a child that neither her mother or father were confident readers.  She struggled at school where reading support was patchy and accepted that she would never be able to read.  Lyn worked as a hairdresser and manicurist, married and had a daughter.  Unfortunately Lyn was unable to read her child bedtime stories or help with schoolwork.  Her husband dealt with all the paperwork.  When she was widowed, aged 72, Lyn found it difficult to understand the various bills and letters that were sent to her and asked a friend for help.  The friend put Lyn in touch with Read Easy Poole.  Eighteen months after starting sessions with her coach Lyn has gained the skills and confidence to write shopping lists, send cards to family and friends and read books.  Lyn says, “my Coach and reading has made my life so much better.  It just shows you are never too old to learn!”

Her coach, Steph, says: “It has been, and continues to be, such a joy to work with Lyn.  I asked Lyn what she feels her husband would think of her being able to read.  Her reply was, “He would be so pleased and chuffed to bits!”


Daniel’s Story – “Now I feel more confident about everything”

Daniel is a very practical man.  As a young teenager he could put a new engine into a car, but he struggled with reading.  He received little in the way of support or encouragement from his teachers at school.  On leaving school Daniel worked hard, becoming a manager in the food industry, but had to rely on other people to do any paperwork or reading for him. In his mid-forties Daniel suffered a major personal crisis and left his job to care for his three children.   He realised that his relatively poor literacy skills were hindering his attempts to obtain other employment, so his social worker contacted Read Easy Poole.

Daniel has been working hard with his Read Easy coach, using Zoom, since lockdown.  He is now able to read with his children, use a computer keyboard, manage his correspondence and feels excited about his progress and success which have been well deserved.

Daniel says, “I feel so much more confident about everything now that I can read.  His partner commented, “Daniel will now pick up a book something he never did before!”

His coach, Susan, says, “Helping Daniel with his literacy is a fun and rewarding experience; he is such an enthusiastic learner, it’s a privilege to work with him.”