Read Easy Wellingborough

Heather Constantine

Tel: 07501 473463


About our group:

The group was formed in March 2018 and affiliated to Read Easy UK in May 2018. We cover the town of Wellingborough and surrounding areas and aim to help adults with reading in two half hour sessions a week.

Our coaches find the commitment fits in well with their lives and find the work rewarding as well as enjoying meeting the other coaches and Team members. Our readers find the flexibility and one to one tuition are a welcome fresh approach to learning to read.

Group News:

Our second batch of coaches has been trained and is ready to be paired with readers.  If you know anyone who would like free, one-to-one, confidential help with reading, please contact or email

The first three readers have finished Turning Pages 1 and are moving on to book two.  It is a great achievement for both readers and as one reader said, she was so chuffed to finish the first manual and her self-confidence had really grown over the past few months. Whilst she is out and about she notices signs on trucks and can read them easily. She now buys magazines and reads them herself rather than relying on the pictures to help her. A sentiment echoed by her daughter.  Recently, they went out for a meal together and her daughter commented “Mum normally pushes the menu back at me and says ‘you choose’. This time she took the menu and carefully scanned it before choosing what she wanted to order. Amazing!”  It is never too late to start.

If you would like to become a coach please more details. It is a very rewarding role, needing a commitment of just two half-hours a week after a day’s training, with all resources and support provided.