Like most people, I cannot imagine what life would be like without reading and it makes me sad to know that some adults have to try to negotiate the world without this essential skill.


I was the child who was always last to leave the breakfast table because I had to read every word on the cereal packet, or the one in the family photos who always had her head bowed over her book.  Still to this day, I cannot go to sleep at night without reading my book!


When I was first invited to join Read Easy, I visited a celebration evening of the Winchester group where they presented certificates to their readers for finishing the various manuals.  It was so humbling to speak to the adults who were so thrilled with their achievements. One man asked when he would have to give the certificate back – he had never had one before and didn’t realise it was his to keep. Another Reader told me how proud he was for his children to see him going out to work each day now that he had been able to apply for a job, whilst a third was so proud of his new clothes now that he was brave enough to go into the shop to buy some.


It convinced me that this was a way that we could truly make a difference to the lives of whole families and this is why I joined Read Easy!