Why support Read Easy?

On average, the cost of teaching a person to read with Read Easy is £120, which is remarkably cost effective, especially when contrasted with the cost to the public purse of supporting a person who is unable to read. This has been calculated as costing anything up to £64,000 over someone’s lifetime (KPMG, 2006)

Read Easy has built up considerable expertise in the field of adult literacy and now has everything in place to build on this experience to benefit new readers:

  • We know that we can teach people to read. We use a well-recognised, effective reading scheme. The Yes we can read manual is suitable for use with adults by volunteers, and we provide new readers and volunteer coaches with proper support from an informed Coordinator and well-resourced local committees.
  • We know that we can replicate Read Easy groups effectively. We have a tried and tested model and provide all the resources and training needed to set up and run new groups which are sustainable.
  • We have a sound organizational structure and personnel. Read Easy UK is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, registered with the Charity Commission (no: 1151288) and a board of trustees with a wide range of high-level experience.
  • We have a well-developed and piloted plan for expansion, which will provide regionally-based support for new and existing groups, through Regional Advisers employed for this purpose in each area. The first of these is already working to great effect in the South West and another is now in place to cover Central England.
  • We monitor and evaluate to improve everything we do and we have a sound track record.