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All affiliated Read Easy groups and ‘Pioneers’ are shown on the map below and the list beneath it. To find out more about a particular affiliated group, their current events and the volunteers there, click on ‘Local group details’. If you are interested in offering support to a Pioneer, then contact details are provided so you can get in touch.

Your nearest group will be displayed on the map, although locations are approximate. It is always worth a phone call to see exactly which areas are covered.

We are working hard to extend Read Easy to as many areas of the country as possible. If there is not a group near you yet, please do keep an eye on our website from time to time to watch out for developments.


    Coordinator: See group details to contact the Coordinator and Chair

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Axminster and Seaton

Coordinator: Sheila Abdy • Telephone: 01297 552847


Coordinator: Tracy Hellens • Telephone: 07471 332096

Birmingham South and Redditch – Pioneer Group

Coordinator: Rick Abbotts (Pioneer) • Telephone: 07467 955187


Coordinator: Gill Gale • Telephone: 07736 366152


Coordinator: Vee Driscoll • Telephone: 0844 472 2980


Coordinator: See group details for the three Coordinators


Coordinator: See group details for both Coordinators

Cheltenham and Gloucester

Coordinator: Mary James • Telephone: 07984 484813


Coordinator: Paul Fisher (Team Leader) • Telephone: 01392 664589 / 07738 860556

Gillingham and Shaftesbury

Coordinator: Jenny Pope • Telephone: 07748 977330


Coordinator: See group details to contact the Coordinator and Chair


Coordinator: Jenny Rivett • Telephone: 07736 579 963

Ludlow and Knighton – Pioneer Group

Coordinator: See group details for information on the three Pioneers

Manchester South – Pioneer Group

Coordinator: Debbie Penny (Pioneer) • Telephone: 07540 302596


Coordinator: Liz Thompson • Telephone: 0844 472 2986

Milton Keynes South

Coordinator: Sue Warden • Telephone: 07422 523858

Neath Port Talbot

Coordinator: MIchael Potter (Team Leader) • Telephone: tbc

North Cotswolds

Coordinator: Nick Williams-Ellis • Telephone: 01386 700883

Northampton – Pioneer Group

Coordinator: Lynne Parker (Pioneer) • Telephone: 07512 045107

Oldham – Pioneer Group

Coordinator: Karen Schofield

Oxford East

Coordinator: Alice Narramore • Telephone: 0798 9049140


Coordinator: Chris Campling • Telephone: 07563 961 612

Plymouth – Pioneer Group

Coordinator: Sue Trousdale (Pioneer) • Telephone: 07831 284354


Coordinator: Susan Ridd • Telephone: 07938 041374


Coordinator: Deborah Chard • Telephone: 07504 286290

Taunton North

Coordinator: Rachel Oliver • Telephone: 07922 517152


Coordinator: Jane Macey • Telephone: 07593 223600


Coordinator: Heather Constantine • Telephone: 07501 473463


Coordinator: Louise Taylor • Telephone: 07711 000339